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NSWA+ is the one-stop shop for all your trade formalities in Lao PDR

Our innovative Single Window platform guarantees a more efficient trading experience by connecting all stakeholders involved in trade, making it easy to exchange information, obtain clearances and permits, and make payments.

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NSWA+ Newsletter - First Half of 2023!

We are excited to present our latest newsletter highlighting the significant milestones and events that have shaped the continuous growth and advancement of our platform.

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Importing Food Information

The Lao PDR has facilitated the import of food from overseas across different sectors, aiming to expand the range of options accessible for public consumption. Food importing companies are required to register as enterprises, and the back of the Enterprise Registration Certificate must indicate their authorization to operate in the field of importing food or consumables.

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NSWA+ Free training

We are ready to assist Economic Operators, Shipping Agents, and Government Officials who are interested to learn how to use the NSWA+ system to facilitate the process of commercial paperwork

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NSWA+ Smart Customs training

NSWA+ system has completed a training on Smart Customs at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Vientiane from 29 January to 2 February 2024.


Integrating a Single Window portal can provide significant advantages to your business by streamlining trade processes, reducing costs, and enhancing transparency. NSWA+ facilitates the daily operations of government agencies, customs officers, economic operators, and shipping agents involved in trade formalities, while reducing the cost of doing business.



E-Permit Module

This module facilitates the electronic loading of trade permit requests by economic operators. Public agencies can efficiently approve permit requests through the NSWA+ platform, streamlining the process.

E-Manifest Module

The manifest module is designed for economic operators and shipping agencies. It enables the online declaration of manifest information, facilitating the submission of summary declarations and ACDD. Users can also track the clearance status conveniently.

E-Billing Module

E-Billing Module The Billing Module serves economic operators and shipping agencies. It offers the capability to review a comprehensive Summary of Invoices (SOI), encompassing duties and service fees. This module supports seamless online payments, allowing users to settle invoices in a single payment or through multiple transactions.

Benefit of NSWA+

Real-time Status Tracking

Monitor your document's progression in real time and receive instant updates on your application's status.

Diverse Payment Channel

Simplify and monitor your payments to any of our partners' platforms, including i-Banking, Smart Tax, BCEL One, LDB Trust, FinLink, QR Codes, Counter services, and more.

Secure Document Repository

Safeguard and access all your documents in NSWA+ to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your information.

24/7 Online Accessibility

Eliminate time constraints by accessing and issuing documents, manifests or permits at anytime.

Enhance transparency

Maintain a clear record of all your operations and generate reports to help reduce errors and frauds.

Operations Support

Dedicated call center support to help reduce the complexity of your trade processes and save time.


Reduce the need to visit multiple Ministries or departments by managing all formalities from anywhere, at any time

We are proud to share the following figures highlighting the growing adoption and utilization of the NSWA+ system:

Registered Companies

Users of Economic Operators & Shipping Agents

Users of Public Agents/Operators

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NSWA+ Expansion Blueprint

Facilitate your trade operations with NSWA+ services across 12 international borders across Lao PDR.

Numerous Government Agencies and Partners are connected to NSWA+

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Our Collaboration Partner

NSWA+ is proudly developed and operated by BIVAC (LAO) CO., LTD. This private enterprise operates under a Joint Venture agreement with the Customs Department, Ministry of Finance of Lao PDR. A pivotal government project, NSWA+ leads the charge in transforming customs procedures through digitization.

Our Collaboration Partner
Our Collaboration Partner

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