New Single Window concession: Laos



BIVAC (LAO) has signed an agreement to implement and operate a National Single Window in the Lao People's Democratic Republic.


Signed on 28 January 2013 in Vientiane, Laos, the agreement takes the form of a joint venture between the Government of Laos' Ministry of Finance and BIVAC (LAO). The initial concession period is for 10 years of full operation, and covers all borders and airports. The Government will collaborate with BIVAC (LAO) to ensure the Single Window works efficiently, and meets agreed objectives.


Through the National Single Window all users will electronically submit forms for import, export and transit procedures. The National Single Window covers all stakeholders in both the private and the public sector, including importers, exporters, traders, government agencies, the customs department, institutions such as banks….


Promoted by international bodies, and in line with ASEAN targets, National Single Window represents an important mechanism for countries looking to speed up clearance of goods through customs corridors.