Frequently Asked Questions


1. Question: Could you inform us about the availability of the LNSW (Lao National Single Window)?

Answer: LNSW is available 24/7.


2. Question: Is the connection to the LNSW application possible at home?

Answer: Yes, if you have a suitable Internet Access.


3. Question: Is there training sessions forecasted for the users at the beginning of operations of LNSW?

Answer: Yes, training sessions will be conducted. At the very beginning of operations, the LNSW team will organize mass-training sessions, in line with the deployment calendar, so as to provide the users with the necessary proficiency in the use of the LNSW. Later on any LNSW user can request training session at any given time and for free.

Training module schedules are available in the "training courses" item. Then please fill in the registration form indicating the module chosen and return it by mail to [email protected].


4. Question: Is it possible to access to the LNSW if our freight forwarder is not located around Vientiane?

Answer: Yes, LNSW can be accessed from anywhere as long as the user has a proper Internet connexion. Freight forwarding agencies and Clearing agent can work on behalf of their client in the system, it is however required to upload a Power of Attorney in order to formalize the bound between the freight forwarding/clearing agency and the economic operator.


5. Question: What can I do if my access code does not work?

Answer: Contact our helpdesk service by:


6. Question: What can I do if the PDF documents are not displayed?

Answer: Download and easily Install Adobe Acrobate Reader (free software):

 (Deselect the option "Photoshop Album Starter Edition" for a faster downloading) If you have problems, please contact our customer service: +856 20 5558 6617, 20 5554 4634, 20 5554 4638


7. Question: Can I go directly to LNSW offices in case of problem?

Answer: In case you face difficulties, you can move through LNSW offices where our Helpdesk service remains at your disposal.


8. Question: Where can I download LNSW's Forms and Guides?

Answer: You can download LNSW's Forms and Guides by click on Download