According to the United Nations - United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Transactions:

A single window is defined as a facility that allows parties involved in foreign trade and transport to lodge standardized information and documents with a single point of entry to fulfill all official formalities related to import, export, transit and transshipment.



Description of the Lao National Single Window

International Trade is a fundamental tool for economic growth in Lao PDR.

Aware of the issues related to cross-border activities, the Government of Lao PDR is committed to reforms needed.

In this context, and taking into consideration the future connexion with the ASEAN Single Window, it became necessary to implement a Single Window whose main objective is the facilitation and acceleration of border crossing operations by .

  • - Simplifying and accelerating procedures and formalities,

  • - Improving logistic chain efficiency by generalizing the use of effective IT exchange data tools between all actors,

  • - Reducing costs and timeframes execution



LNSW Main objectives
  1. 1. Improve the supply chain efficiency

  2. 2. Reduce risk and processing times

  3. 3. Enhance transparency in Business to Government relations

  4. 4. Simplification of procedures and formalities. The processing of files is a priority, goods flow is increased and clearance eased

  5. 5. Cut down costs

  6. 6. Create a conducive environment to traders' competitiveness with possibility of working "just in time"

  7. 7. Increase local logistic competitiveness (International Trade and Investments) in Cross-Border Trade

  8. 8. Improve visibility for Authorities: statistics and reports